Over 30 000 of The Fakefluencer NFT Character Cards Claimed

Bitjoin Studios
July 3 , 2021

After just one month of The Fakefluencer film being live, over 30 000 of the NFT character cards have already been minted by the general public.

These limited edition collectible character cards are accessible by scanning a QR code inside the film itself, a subtle salute to the creatives of the crypto community.

We chose to use the WAX.io blockchain for it’s user friendly interface, making it more accessible for those outside the crypto space to easily participate.

What are they?

There are 28 character cards, each card has a volume according to its colour.

Example: A Tom Gillespie RED CAP would have 21 Tom Gillespie cards, a BLUE SHAS would have 256.

The most rarest cards are the RED CAPS – 1 of 21

28 characters x 21 = 588 cards in total pack

The second rarest cards are the BLUE SHAS – 1 of 256

28 characters x 256 = 7168 cards in total pack

The third rarest cards are the GREEN BLOCKS -1 of 2679

28 characters x 2679 = 75012 cards in total pack

Why do this?

In indie film making those that want to be able to survive from their craft, need to create multiple potential revenue streams. The Fakefluencer NFT character cards are one such potential revenue stream, now the self-minting is well under way with both the RED CAPS and the BLUE SHAS all being minted, these specific coloured cards are now entering the market place and have begun trading.

Each time a trade occurs the creator account, in this case Bitjoin Studios, gets a percent kickback of the trade, a “royalty” if you like. This royalty account over time has the potential to grow and so be used to fund specific aspects of any futureĀ  projects.

This, coupled with the possibility of the cards developing into a card game and the obvious marketing benefits, we figured why not give it a try.

You can try self-minting your cards here: https://bitjoinstore.com/nfts

The collection can be found here: https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/collection/fakefluencer

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