Scootercoin – An Extremely Accurate Timeline

Bitjoin Studios
July 30 , 2021

In July 2019 Bitman 360 launched a new cryptocurrency called extremescooter360fakeytailwhipfrontsideflipcoin (ES360FTWFSF) A coin that he claimed would revolutionise the Scootering industry.

He went on to raise an incredible amount of capital from Venture Capitalists Fund AG Capital extreme

And later a series B round from Italian VC Firm owned by Giuseppe Castalano previously of Lazio Innova and British VC Carpel Wendingo of Dingo Capital.

Bitman appeared to have raised an extremely large amount of capital for his vision of a scootering future, he certainly wasn’t spending all the money on becoming influential in the crypto space.

Bitman 360 soon started to develop a Blockhain Dapp called Scooterchain to carry his vision for a new mining device he called The Buttercup.

In the first quarter of 2020 Bitman became very good at posting regular updates about his scootercoin vision, including being radically transparent about his capital management and technical development.

By Mid 2020 Vensualia had adopted the Scootercoin technology alongside their own national Pedrocoin, the market began to open up.

With the new injection of capital and and a strong endorsement from the Vensualian president Bitman set up an enormous mining operation in northern Sweden.

Shortly after the Scootercoin project gained a lot of attention, leading to one Tom Gillespie deciding to investigate the operation.

Bitman was unphased by the documentary production as he was right on time to launch the product he had been working on for over 12 months, The first prototype of the Buttercup kinetic mining device was publicly revealed.

Soon after Bitman was unindated with orders and could not keep up with the demand, he went on a hiring spree and Scootercoin was finally beginning to take off.

IN late 2020 Scootercoin wallets and installers were finally revealed and the scene was set for Scooterocin to moon like another coin with a solid foundational product.

IN early 2021 Scootercoin was listed on its first exchange and the cryptocurrency boasted the full package, wallets, exchange listing a block explorer and most importantly of all a working product.

All that was missing was a community.

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