Tom Gillespie on The Blockchain Socialist Podcast

Bitjoin Studios
July 16 , 2021

Text by The Blockchain Socialist. Big Thanks!

Crypto influencers, The Fakefluencer, and the dirty underwear of capitalism.

This week’s episode is dedicated to the crypto influencers. For the first half I give a crash course on the history and some of the more well known influencers and for the second half I have an interview with Tom Gillespie (@TomPeterGill), former currency trader on the Perth stock exchange turned TV investigator and filmmaker for the upcoming documentary “The Fakefluencer” coming out in April 2021.

The movie investigates a crypto influencer by the name of BitMan360 and creator of the ScooterCoin cryptocurrency which rewards people for doing scooter tricks. Sound ridiculous and unbelievable?

Well than I highly recommend getting in on the conspiracy ( During the interview I give a Marxist take on Bitconnect and one of the brief crypto influencers of the project during the two years it existed, Carlos Matos (yes, the BIITTCONNNNEEEEEEEEEECTT guy), I mention some of the currently existing crypto influencers out there and the classes they fit in, and I talk to Tom about his new documentary, “The Fakefluencer,” and question whether this is something unique to crypto, but instead a symptom of capitalism.