Tom Gillespies Full Presentation from Crypto Hub Malta

Bitjoin Studios
July 19 , 2022
The world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is growing every day. It is difficult to navigate DeFi alone. Come and meet some like-minded crypto-pirates who are looking for a treasure as well.
To sail you into the world of Defi with a specific focus on current hot topic stablecoins and what looming regulations are on the horizon which may disrupt this space. Come and meet a crypto-lawyer and a degen-ape, the ugly and the beautiful, the left and the right hand of DeFi in Malta:
Dr Justine from Kyprianou; she is a lawyer, she is an advisory in FintechFintech, Crypto, Blockchain & Investments, she is a crypto-pirate at heart. Have a look at her treasure map tonight.
Fran is a true degenerate ape and will show you around in the DeFi-jungle. Looking for alpha? He is your man. With a background in online betting he has a deep understanding of DeFi and where to find the best yields for your coins.
Special-guest: Tom Gillespie is an Australian film maker, he has a background in investigating both the cultural aspects and fundamental value propositions of blockchain technology. Tom will speak on the subject of transparency and scams in the crypto landscape.
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